Venetian blinds

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Blinds (Venetians) are the most common blinds, adaptable to almost all window shapes.

They are ideal for protection from the sun and unwanted views in your homes, business premises and other facilities.

By regulating the slats, the amount of light in the space is regulated from the lightest to the darkest.

Blinds are made of aluminum  lamellas, which ensure the stability of the shape and color of the blinds under the influence of sunlight and temperature differences.

Different designs of aluminum blinds (Venetians) are possible:

  • classic blind that is attached to the window
  • interglazed blinds
  • roof blinds
  • oblique blinds         

They can be mounted on metal, wooden and PVC carpentry.

Aluminium blinds (Venetian blinds) are made in a short time exactly according to the customer's measurements with a large selection of colors.

We go out for measurement and installation.

Warranty and service provided.